Heat your home for Mortgage Discounts

The pendulum has swung. The need for central heating in our Kiwi housing stock is being challenged less and less. At the recent Taranaki Home & Lifestyle Expo the conversations were no longer about whether central heating is needed or not, but were now focused on the most cost effective ways to centrally heat your home.

ANZ Bank's new Healthy Home Loan Package is one such way you can centrally heat your home in a cost effective manner. With an ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package, you’ll find buying, building or renovating a home to 6 Homestar or higher more affordable, with special discounts on home loan interest rates and other great benefits.

A 6 Homestar rating or higher provides assurance that a house will be warmer, healthier, more environmentally sustainable and cost less to run than a typical new house built to New Zealand Building Code.

"Most existing New Zealand homes only achieve a two or three rating, and new homes – even though they're built to the Building Code – will only achieve three or four," said Antonia Watson, managing director retail and business banking, ANZ New Zealand

This information further supports what Premier Heating have been informing their customers for years, that even new builds need an efficient heating source.

"Even a Homestar rating of 6 demands that a home contains a clean, efficient heat source. New home builders who are being told that their three or four rated new home will not need a heating source are being misled" said Liam Heslop, Director of Premier Heating.

You can apply for the Healthy Home Loan Package if you’re buying, building, renovating, or already own a home to a 6 Homestar rating or higher. See ANZ for more information:

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