Double Glazing or Central Heating?

It is a common question many of our customers have when looking at options to creating a warm, dry and healthy environment inside their home. Should I spend my money on double glazing the windows or on installing central heating?

Whilst it is a fact that over 40% of heat loss from a home is lost through the windows, many of our customers are surprised as to how little of an impact double glazing the windows actually has. Insulation is measured by the R-value. A higher value the better a product is at reducing heat loss. Under the current building code, a brand new timber framed wall with no windows or doors has an R-value of 1.99 and a standard 4mm glass single glazed aluminium window has an R-value of 0.15. Replacing the windows with standard double glazing only increases the R-value to an estimated 0.26 meaning your windows are still playing a major part in heat loss in your home and many customers continue to spend a similar amount in heating their home and end up disappointed.

In our experience, double glazing a small New Zealand home can be upwards of $10,000, has very little impact on how warm your home feels, and has an estimated return on investment upwards of 40 years. In comparison, central heating, which is a similar sized investment, has an immediate, noticeable impact on the warmth of your home and best of all has an estimated return on investment of only 12 years.