Radiator heating can be installed in new builds or existing homes using the following methods

Underneath the house - The most efficient installation option, durable plastic pipework is routed beneath each radiator and connected through the floor.  Pipes can be insulated to minimise heat loss

Inside the ceiling - For homes where under the floor access is restricted, durable plastic pipework can be routed inside the ceiling and a specialist drill used to drop them down inside the walls to the radiators.  Pipes can be insulated to minimise heat loss


Externally around the home - For homes where under the floor and ceiling access is restricted, durable, insulated plastic pipework can be routed inside a trench, around the perimeter of the home, and then connected through the external walls and into each radiator


Hot water heat pumps are a highly efficient method of water heating, as they only use electricity to move heat, rather than to generate it.  


Hot water heat pumps are much more energy efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters, and provide quicker returns on your investment.

Heat pump water heaters use energy from the ambient air temperature to heat water which is stored in an insulated hot water cylinder. This is the same technology used in heat pump air conditioners and is efficient even in low temperatures. 


While old technology solar hot water uses the sun’s heat, hot water heat pumps are powered by electricity, either from the grid or your own solar or other energy generation.

Designed to work hand in hand with solar electricity systems, the Aquarian heat pump water heaters provide excellent value, with high efficiency and low energy requirements, allowing a saving in energy use of at least 65% in a standard New Zealand home.

Hot water heap pumps are extremely efficient, using around one third of the power of a standard hot water cylinder.  Heat pump water heaters are a well established product in Europe, with international sales growing by around 20% per annum. 


Heat pump hot water systems are the most efficient choice for solar hot water, and an excellent choice for energy efficiency and homes with alternative energy generation.


Designed for outdoor installation

Suitable for 4-9 person families


Designed for internal installation

Suitable for 4-8 person families


Designed for internal installation

Suitable for 1-5 person families

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