Whether you are in town or rural, we have a solution for your needs.  Water, which is used to circulate heat through the pipes, can be heated by a variety of means.

Gas Boilers - the most common heat source.  These can operate on mains or bottled gas and model dependent can also be used to provide unlimited and instant hot water to your household

Air to Water Heat Pumps - similar to the common household heat pumps, these operate on electricity and convert natural heat from the outside air into hot water

Ground Source Heat Pumps - These operate on electricity and convert the natural warmth of the earths surface into hot water for your central heating system



Underfloor heating can be installed in new builds or existing homes using the following methods

Inside the concrete slab - The most efficient installation option, durable plastic pipework is laid around the areas of the home that requires heating before the concrete pad is poured.  The system is then pressure tested and the concrete is poured


Underneath wooden floors - Durable plastic pipework is laid around the areas of the home that require heating.  This is mounted in an insulating panel and is ideally installed before the flooring or for homes where the flooring has already been installed can be installed from underneath (access permitting)