Life can be busy and your schedule can be unpredictable.  Smart thermostats give you the power and control to adjust and interact with your heating system from anywhere in the world, using only your smart phone.  Not that technology savvy?  Smart thermostats can also act on your behalf, for example when they know no-one is home they can turn the heating down or off.  This makes them an ideal choice for every home owner.



Smart thermostats can deliver the following features:

Self Learning Preheat - the time it takes to heat your home can change dependent on a number of factors; largely the outside temperature.  Traditional thermostats turn your heating on at a set time regardless.  Smart thermostats can detect the outside temperature and adjust the time your heating turns on

Geo Location Technology - Using your families smart phones GPS locations, smart thermostats can turn your heating down when the last person leaves home and up when the first person is on their way home, meaning you save money and it is cosy for when you return

Individual Control - Traditional central heating systems heat the entire house to the same schedule.  Zoning your system and introducing smart thermostats you can allow each room in your house to have a separate schedule and temperature preferences.  Great for a flatting situation or for homes with children